Transparency Toolkit

The Transparency Toolkit collects and analyses all sorts of open data, such as online resumes, job listings, and social media and we can use that to understand surveillance programmes.
The tool searches for code names, intelligence agencies and departments, and various technical terms. We will discuss some of the awesome features of toolkit in one by one manner.

As per site, Transparency Toolkit is releasing ICWATCH, a collection of 27,094 resumes of people working in the intelligence community. These resumes include many details about the names and functions of secret surveillance programs, including previously unknown secret codewords.

Repository can be accessed from here

One of the best feature this site provides about Surveillance Industry Index (SII)., SII is a searchable archive featuring over 1500 brochures about surveillance technology, data on over 520 surveillance companies, and nearly 500 reported exports of surveillance technologies.


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